Gratitude fosters happiness

Gratitude fosters happiness

One of my absolute favourite things to do is to say out loud all that I am grateful of. It makes me feel so good, blessed, and content with my life. Here is the science of why.

Video from TED Education


What I love about gratefulness is that there is no right or wrong. You can be grateful for your new toothbrush, your health, education, family, nature, sun, earth, yoga, sports, laugh, conversations, coffee and so much more. What are you grateful for?



Reset your mind in 14 minutes

Reset your mind in 14 minutes

Lots of my students ask for exercises to reset their mind. Here’s a great guided meditation class – try it out!

A busy mind

During a busy day our stress hormones, especially adrenaline and cortisol, increase. Our thoughts are easily distracted. Suddenly you realise that you’ve read a sentence several times or gone to the kitchen and back without the thing you went there for. Tensions in the body build up; your shoulders rise towards your ears and the back is starting to ache.

This is the time to reset. Try the exercise below – I promise it will make you feel more centred.

Yoga Relaxation Bodyscan

The video below is a short and easy meditation exercise called “bodyscan”. Find yourself a quiet space where you can lie down (preferably – but you can do this exercise in a seated position too). It lasts for 14 minutes, so make sure to set the phone on silent.

Ps.To me it feels like 4 minutes – not 14. Good luck!